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Why Tie-Dye?

Let's say it all began a few years ago now. Started looking for that Grateful Dead Tie-Dye T-Shirt that Phoebe has. The options were limited and not what I was expecting. Managed to borrow a t-shirt from my friend.

Phoebe Buffay wearing Tie-Dye T-shirt of Lithuania Basketball team 1992 by Greatful Dead
Phoebe Buffay in Tie-Dye

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, I've once again found myself looking for this type of tie-dye t-shirt. That's when the idea of trying it myself popped into my head. I've tried something similar to Phoebe's t-shirt.

LISTEE Tie-Dye T-shirt of yellow, green and red colours laid on the sand at the beach
First ever made Tie-Dye T-Shirt by LISTEE

The results were amazing! Apart from the fact the dye type was completely wrong. So I decided to look into the types of dyes, different patterns, colours, other tie-dye hacks. Watched many videos, read many articles, experimented a lot with many areas of tie-dyeing.

Still tie-dye is a work of magic. The colour shades may differ, the pattern is unique. That's why I believe that tie-dye is amazing and the vibe of it is just priceless! I hope you'll feel it too!



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