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A person is between tie-dyed t-shirts that are haning between trees. There are four tie-dyed t-shirts in total.

About Us

We're LISTEE – handmade tie-dye brand

We are here to create handmade and sustainable apparel, that communicates celebration of life and inspires the world to follow their passions! We started in 2020 and have been making one-of-a-kind handmade items that are colourful, fun and unique.


Our founder Lina was inspired by the 1992 Lithuanian basketball team's T-Shirts and began to tie-dye herself. It was simply a hobby at first. However, LISTEE quickly expanded into making our own experimental patterns and creating unisex collections for colourful lifestyles.

Now we have a team of three women: Lina, Agnė, and Agnė — and our mission is to help you express yourself through colour.

We love being able to help people find their inner creativity through our products – whether it's through an original design or by getting creative with your own customisations!


Sustainability is the core value in our brand. Our top goal is to produce a long lasting high-quality product for our customers.

There are three people standing in front of a gray wall. All are wearing tie-dyed clothing. One is with a light blue and grey crumple tie-dyed sweatshirt the middle one is wearing tie0dyed t-shirt with yellow orange red and ligh blue colours. The person on the right is wearing a black olive green and brown spiral tie-dye t-shirt.
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