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How to wash tie-dye clothes?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Can I wash tie-dyed clothing together with other regular clothes? It depends on the dyes used. :) We can only give you an answer about LISTEE tie-dye clothing. And the answer is YES!

We rinse and wash every product after tie-dyeing, that is when all of the excess amount of the dyes comes off. Once you get your product, you can wash with other clothes. However, we say that you should not wash it with whites. You should put your tie-dye clothing together with other clothing with colours. Whites should always be separate from clothing with colours when doing your laundry. ;)

Here are 5 simple steps to follow in order to wash your LISTEE tie-dye clothing right:

  1. Wash with other colourful clothes

  2. Use water of 30°C or under

  3. Use a light detergent preferably

  4. After washing hand to dry

  5. Use medium iron

As we have tested and washed many LISTEE pieces, we can really say, that our tie-dyed clothing can be washed with other colourful clothing. Here is a quick guide for the wash of out t-shirts and socks ;)

The instructions on how to wash LISTEE tie-dye clothing
How to wash your tie-dye?

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